Eldering in a Time of Crisis

It isn’t theoretical any more: we are in a crisis now. The world – the entire world – is changing from day to day and hour to hour. All of us are being called on to help with the changing and to support each other. We are being shown for who we are, all of us, good and bad, noble and craven. 

Elders play a key role right now but most of us who fit that category have not been prepared. That’s fine. None of us is prepared for this changing world and we are fast-tracking our training. Join a small group of inquirers who are curious about the deep work they can do to be more present right now. We will write, talk, and act, navigating the journey together.

This course is limited to 12 people, so that everyone has a chance to be heard. It will take place over six weeks, with weekly activities and discussion, and, following the maxim “How do I know what I mean ’till I see what I say,” will involve manageable amounts of informal writing to prompts. We will form an inquiring community, supporting one another and sharing stories.

The course is being held through Ruzuku and costs $149.

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