Hi! I’m Susan, the mentor, convener, encourager, and travel guide of your creative journey. In winter you will find me by a fire sipping green tea or spiced chocolate and scribbling in my journal. I love gray days and snow and things that sparkle. In summer I will be in the shade, sipping iced tea and scribbling in my journal. (Notice a theme?) I love rainy days and storms coming in, and anything just picked in the garden. I write, I cook, I mess with color and words. I love paper and just the right pen.

How the workshops work

The following are examples of online workshops that are available from time to time, with new ones constantly added.  Sign up for updates to learn about the upcoming schedule.

Any workshop below that is an active link will be offered electronically. Participants will receive prompts every week for six weeks and responses within the week from the group leader and any other participants in the unit. Contact Susan for more information.

  • Write Your Way Through This
  • A free course of daily prompts to make a record of this time.
  • Writing War at Home Dare to cross the ‘military-civilian divide’ or at least build a bridge
  • Eldering in a Time of Crisis For vibrant Elders and those who need them.
  • Family Food History
    Write your family history through recipes
  • What Is Your Story and How Are You Telling It?
    What shape do you give to your life and how does your life give your stories shape
  • Book Study Groups (titles to be announced)
    What books do you carry in the knapsack you’ve got for your creative journey?
  • Seeing in the Dark
    Take creative inspiration from a culture of mists, poetry, and interlace
  • Seeking Quan Am
    Compassion in a time of polarity

Note: For those in the area, some of these workshops will be offered in a physical location in Ithaca, NY.

Reading­—Seeking Quan Am: A Dual Memoir of War and Vietnam
Please contact to book a date