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In which Coyote teaches me to listen to stories in the appropriate frame of mind. “Tell me a story,” I demanded. ‘Demanded’ might be too strong a word because I meant it as a compliment. Coyote tells such good stories and I love losing myself in them. Like the year at Christmas when I heard…(Read More)

“Have you ever seen a ghost,” my friend asked. We were having breakfast at Cafe Dewitt. I was on the banquette with my back to the fishtank. We were early so no one was seated nearby but that might have caught their attention. “I haven’t seen one, though I have always wanted to,” I…(Read More)

To Delve

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I learned a counting rhyme when I was a child, “One, Two Buckle My Shoe.” I recited it, of course, but there wasn’t anything in the lower numbers to hold my interest—three, four shut the door; five, six, pick up sticks; seven, eight, lay them straight; nine, ten, a big fat hen—none…(Read More)

There is something very satisfying about writing on a typewriter—rolling the paper in, the active little clicks, ripping the paper out if what you wrote didn’t work …. Or just ripping the paper out if it was time to go down a new road. Which is what is happening now. Eight years ago I…(Read More)